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Episode 5: The Watch Children – The Roanoke Sessions

(Author’s note: This is part 5 of an ongoing series. For episodes 1 to 4, click here: “Time check, Eli!” Two minutes till midnight, high above the fog-filled streets of the city, four figures crouched on the rooftop. By the looks of it, they were engaged in the rather illicit enterprise of breaking and entering.…

Gandersnitch Goes to the Ren Fest!

gsnitchHello lemmings!

There was supposed to be a story today, but I mucked that all up by taking a visit back in time! Or forward in time… Or… Crap! I don’t know. Those stinky TARDIS boxes are dangerous!

Anyways, I spent yesterday at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, making new friends, bothering old enemies, hunting for mermaids, riding the rides, being tempted by all the wonderful wares and foods, and ultimately having a great time. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself in my short documentary video of my day. Enjoy! -G

P.S. I am supposed to assure you that the story will be posted on Thursday this week instead. It is done, it just needs some editing and stuff.

Stupid Holidays – Gandersnitch Rants

Hello sheeple! It’s Monday, it’s hot, and there are noisy brats fighting in the other room that should have been at school today, but noooooo—there had to be another hair brained holiday! It really never ceases to amaze me what you folks come up with to celebrate, but more than that, how you royally screw…

Bullying: Adults are Guilty Too

Forgive me today, as I write from a place of emotion, frustration, and immediacy. I usually do not do this. I allow my thoughts to settle and my mind to reflect. But I think I need to say this now, before it gets tempered by time. Today I was going to write about something else entirely.…

STAR WARS!!! – Random Musings part 2

yodakidYou know what, ignore the article I wrote earlier today. It is not bad, it might even be interesting to a few folks. But honestly, I wrote it because I need to stick to my schedule and I spent all day yesterday dealing with sick dogs and a sick kid and did not prepare a topic in advance. I wrote it because I had to write something. But that was before I saw this!

Sure we don’t live in a perfect world. It is a lot scarier out there today than when I was a kid. But at least we live in a time and a place where I can see some of the best parts of my own childhood re-lived though the smiles and imagination of my kids.

We have Star Wars, and some days that is more than enough.


Words, Numbers, and RPGs – Random Musings

In addition to writing and performing, everyone pretty much knows that I love games. I have mentioned at least once that I recently created a playable version of the goblin card game, Hogswallow, featured in one of the stories from my Gandersnitch book. I have been playing it here and there with all sorts of people and will…

Kids Today! – Gandersnitch Rants

As many of you know, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with humans, especially the wee ones. I find the youngest generation highly entertaining and still very alive to the wonder and magic in the world… And then they ruin it all when they start to sing, try to pull on my nose,…

“That’s Your Artistry!”

(Note: This is a shorter post today, as it is the first day of school for my kids, and frankly I am wiped out. Still, I think it bears saying, and pondering, and sharing. At the very least, enjoy the video!) Not many of my peers today know this, but I worked year round for…