Goblin Cart Wares

Below you will find a sample of the wares Gandersnitch carries on his cart. Some of these items are available to purchase on our other website at www.goblinroad.com but most are exclusively available at the shows he visits.

Goblin Horns – $10 to $35

We offer a wide range of handmade fantasy horns. Sculpted in artist clay and then cast in durable neoprene rubber, these are certain to inspire horn envy in all your friends.horns Available only at events.






Goblin Tails – $15 to $25

Available in one size fits all, these handcrafted tails come in a variety of colors. The perfect accessory when you need just a hint of mischief. Available only at events.



Leather Ears – $30

Handcrafted leather with wire wrapping, for an easy to slip on or off instant faerie look. No messing with glues, staples, or expensive surgery. Available in both light skin and dark skin colors.



Available only at events.





Evil Eye Pins and Goblin Amulets – $15

Glass taxidermy eyes on carved wooden pins with a tie tack back. Sculpted, beaded, and feathered ‘Goblin Amulet’ pendants. Available in a multitude of designs, at events only.eyesa


Goblin Spa Products – $4 to $12

Handcrafted soap, candles, and massage oil with a distinctly goblin bent. Available in gift packs as well and individually. At events only.


Gandersnitch the Goblin’s cart at various festivals

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