International Women’s Day

In case you were not aware, today is International Women’s Day. 

I have been struggling all morning with what to write and if indeed I should should write anything at all. I see posts on facebook about wearing red (which I did), about striking (which I do every day, unintentionally), and how important the women in someone’s life are, and I think “This is good. I should say the same thing.”

But yet, I know that it isn’t nearly enough.

Just one day dedicated to the pursuit and maintenance of women’s rights, to honor the achievements of women, and to remind our male dominated society that women are important… seems patently absurd to me! Just one day, and then we go back to normal? No thank you.

I get that one day is better than nothing. And that it is important to mark out a day, label it, and make women’s rights the dominate message of that day. And the fact that it is observed world wide is great! Maybe having an official day wakes someone up, gets them to look into issues of equality, pulls them away from their daily grind to see how crucial women are to our world. I know a few folks who absolutely need reminded of this fact.

But it is still not enough.

Everyday should be International Women’s Day. Every day we need to look around us, recognize what others do, and seek out the inequality that exists in all of its myriad forms so that we can work to rectify it. Because if we can’t start to do that, then just one day doesn’t make much difference. We can’t support women for just one day, we have to do it every day.

In the spirit of this day, though, I will say those words that we never say enough.

Thank you.

Thank you to my mother. A single mom who did the best she could by her kids, every single day. I can’t recall a time when we really wanted for anything, and that was because she entered the work force and did her damnedest to make sure we were always taken care of.

Thank you to my teachers as a child, women all but three… until I got to college.

Thank you to my friends and peers. Theatre folk, performers, authors, and members of the PTO. Amazing women all around who challenge my perceptions and encourage me to be better at what I do.

Thank you to my wife, an incredible woman who had to make the choice between following her career and being a stay at home mom. There wasn’t much of a choice really, as she out-earns me by a landslide. And yet, she still struggles with that choice, with academia’s demands on her time and talent and society’s expectations of being a mom. I don’t know how she does it all, but she does, and she is amazing for it.

Thank you to my daughter, For opening my eyes, for giving me a reason to look at her world and say, “This is not good enough yet,” and for giving me hope for the future.

Thank you, to all the women I know and all the women I don’t. You are awesome. You are loved.

You deserve more than just one damn day.

You deserve every day.


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