My Master Plan: Stage 2!

fictionHello friends! What’s this? A post on Friday? Uh-oh, something must be up!

Indeed it is. But it is good stuff, productive stuff, stuff that my friends (mostly Dave) have asked for, and stuff that will hopefully enable me to keep doing what I love to do! Namely, to entertain you through my performance and my writing.

I think everyone can agree at this point, even my grandmother, that I am a professional author and entertainer. Why? Because I get paid for what I do. This is, in fact, my profession. I sell my books online and at conventions. I charge fees to perform as Gandersnitch the Goblin, I carry insurance for my shows, and I treat every gig as a professional business engagement, whether it happens in a field or on a stage.

This also means that I am a freelancer. I don’t get a paycheck for doing my job every day and the only boss I have to answer to (most of the time) is myself. By the very nature of what I do, I can book at most two shows a month, and there is nothing at all for the months of December and January. I must constantly be aware of other potential ways to promote my books and myself, and make money while doing it.

So, I am not asking any of you for money. (However, if you want my paypal address, I will gladly send it. No questions asked!) I am however making you aware of two cool online ways that you can show additional support, should you be so inclined. I just got these set up this week, I am really excited about them, and I will start with the easy one first: Fiverr. is a website where people offer their particular skills and talents for a very low price of $5. You can find almost everything here, from web design to online promotion, from art to technical instruction. I have decided to offer up audio messages in Gandersnitch’s voice starting at $5. So far I have actually gotten two gigs, and all I did was post on facebook that I was doing this.

It is a lot a fun, it is a unique service, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. If you want to know more, please check out my gig posting for all the details:

The other thing I am doing is Patreon. You might have heard about them in the news recently, because their entire database was hacked just about a week ago. This is actually really good news for new folks like us, because they are totally going to be on top of security issues now that everyone is paying attention.

Patreon is like kickstarter, in that patrons pledge money to help creators do new things. It is different from facebook in that Patreon is an ongoing monthly pledge for ongoing content, instead of a one shot charge for a single project. I look at it as a sort of subscription tip jar. If you like what I do  you can become a patron and get extra special stuff for supporting my art.



After a frustrating weekend of soul searching and number crunching, I have decided to delay launching the Patreon page at this time. However, If you want to know more about how patreon works, they have prepared a short video to explain it all.

So, this is what I am doing. If you like it, feel free to chip in, show your support, and tell your friends. Or just keep reading and sharing the blog, that is really good too!

Have a great weekend, and tune in on Monday for the next episode of The Roanoke Sessions. Posted here, for free!



Robert A. Turk is a professional author and entertainer.
If you like his writing and want to read more, you can find his books on amazon at:

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