Progress Report – 2/25

Today’s Tea: Girl with the Lion’s Tail by (inspired by SJTucker)

Current Project: Persnickety Jones & The Pirates of Undertoe (first draft)
Today’s Wordcount: 1492 (Hey, there is a rhyme about that…)

In an effort to start blogging and keeping my fans and friends informed (since facebook has shuttered my post reach most severely of late), I am going to start posting my writing updates and word counts here, with maybe a little insight about my process and what I am working on. I should be able to keep it up this time, since I am committed to writing regularly anyways. So here goes…

Thankfully the house is silent again, one dog is sleeping on the couch and the other in the hall. The kids are at school for another hour, which may give me enough time to figure out how to turn on the blog functionality in this page. Later today, Mab & I are going to record the next Goblin Talk episode, and then I have lots of dishes and water to do since we were without water yesterday due to frozen pipes.

In regards to the writing, I fear that I may be going too dark and heavy at this point for a 5th grader to handle. I do remember reading Where the Red Fern Grows earlier than this age, but having the protagonist carry the memory of a stranger’s sickness and death might be way too much. I am going to keep going in this vein, as this is only the first draft and I need to get through to the end (I have about 7 more chapters to go), but I will probably either have to adjust the age level or tone down the darkness in the 2nd pass. From here on out, things are supposed to tilt back into action and adventure, so there is that to look forward to. This is where my beta readers will come into play. And my own children. If they can handle the horrors with minimal nightmares, then I am probably going to be OK.

mugHeh. I just noticed that I was drinking from my Slytherin mug… Coincidence or subconscious? I really don’t know.


Update: The Tea

This is a nice black tea with a hint of cinnamon and some other roots and tings (cornflower, mallow, etc). You can definitely smell the cinnamon in the bag and while it is seeping, but you don’t taste it very strongly in the cup. I do like that, on the whole, Dryad Teas taste very much like they smell. Verdict – it is totally drinkable, mellow without being bland. I like it!

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