Progress Report – 3/11

Word Count: 2062

Tea: Dryad Tea’s Firebird Chai – it is awesome, and one of my most favorite teas.

I will confess, that I almost gave up on today’s writing session, only 400 words in. It was a struggle to keep going. My body and mind feel like they are stuck in a fog and I just wanted to play a video game or go back to bed. I am sorta floating through the day, unable to focus, constantly dizzy, and terribly ungrounded. This seems to be happening more and more, and while I hope it is just my seasonal allergies going insane at the change in the weather, I also get nervous having to drive when I feel this way. Good thing I am an excellent driver, in a really big truck. Despite what my parents and siblings seem to recall.

I did not give up though. I found my groove, and kept writing. I hit that zone where there nothing exists except the story, the tapping of keys, and the occasional cringe at the sip of cold tea. (This tea is still excellent, even when cold!) I am still dizzy, I still can’t breath – but I reached the end of the chapter, resolved the conflict of the book in an awesome way, gave the villain his due, had a moment for the little brother to shine, had the sister kick some ass, and now simply have to send my heroes home again.
Of course, that in itself could be a harrowing journey. After all, one of the greatest epics ever written is simply about the journey home. I am not that cruel though. These kids get a chance to rest. There are other stories and adventures they will have, in other books.

boothinfoMe though – no rest. There is Lexington Comic Con this weekend (though they have me listed as “Gandersnatch the Goblin”) where  I will be in booth #609. One or two more chapters to write to wrap this story up. Then the second draft to do (already I have a list of things that need to be fixed), and another project in the works that will hopefully be revealed by the end of the month.


See you next week (or even better, this weekend), when I will hopefully have wrapped up draft #1, and have stories to tell from the convention!

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