Progress Report 3/13

IMG_20150313_091850494Word Count: 1855

This morning I got up at 7am, because my phone was beeping that the battery was low. Somehow it had not charged at all through the night. I had planned to sleep in later, but decided to go ahead, get up, and head to the convention hall to load in. I was done by 10 am. Setting up a table with books, cds, posters, and prints is way easier than doing a whole booth of masks and dolls.


Not wanting to wait around all day watching others work, I came back to the hotel and decided to write. It is raining, and the walls are thin, so I thought it would be a challenge with all the noise of the traffic outside. It was not. I knew what needed to be said, mostly goodbyes, and I have now wrapped up the story in what I find to be a very satisfying manner.


The ends of books I read so often disappoint me. I hope this one will buck that trend, and at least not be a disappointment to my own readers. Next step – have an awesome weekend of selling my first book at Lexington Comic Con, playtest the card game I have in the works, and then go home and start on draft #2 of “Persnickety Jones & The Pirates of Undertoe”. Right now, I feel awesome!

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