Progress Report – 3/3

Last Friday, (Feb 27th) was my 13th wedding anniversary. It is thanks to my wonderful, talented, and insurance wielding wife that I am able to pursue this unlikely life as an author, artist, and performer. She is my partner, my best friend, and in many ways, my muse.

On a completely unrelated note,  during my normal writing time on Friday, I decided to tease out a short story based on current social media events. It wasn’t a great story, just something silly that amused me at the time. It was a post apocalyptic journal piece, making wild claims and poking at absurd conspiracy theories.

Perhaps it was a hair too close to the truth.

As I typed the last sentence into my story at 9:55am – my internet goes completely out. My modem simply blinks on and off with a red light of death. Google docs of course will not save, and I am unable to cut and paste. I log into facebook from my phone to make a joking comment about the NSA shutting down my story, but no matter how many times I hit the “post” button, it will not post. Facebook crashes and boots me out.

Now completely amused, I attempt to log into this blog, from my phone as well, and post about it here. I can’t log in. 404 webpage not found. I call AT&T tech support, they tell me that they have run tests on my lines, and for some reason my modem is suddenly fried. The will overnight me a new one.


Fast forward to Monday (yesterday). The modem has not arrived. In fact the tracking number that I type in is evidently a dummy. A label has been created by AT&T but no package exists to pick up. I call back to tech support and they schedule a technician to come out today and swap out the modems.

Only, it isn’t the modem. The tech gets here and tells me he is going to spend some time on the outside lines. Something about a strange note in the service log or whatever, and that he suspects the issue is probably not in the modem. He does his magic, and half an hour later the service is restored. There is mumbo jumbo given about ports being swapped and numbers reassigned and the frustrated admission that THEY aren’t supposed to do that without a service technician present.

He assures me that no new modem is being sent. There will be no charge on my bill. And to call him directly the next time something like this happens. I really hope he survives the night.

I have however learned some very important lessons from all this. While doing my writing exclusively online is very convenient for swapping between devices and sharing with others for beta reading and editing – it pretty much cuts me off from everything when the internet goes down. I should probably be doing daily backups to my hard drive, just so that I have it all in two places, should I need it. Though, my hard drive might have only survived the weekend simply because there is nothing incriminating on it… I must ponder this further.

Second, besides google drive, and needing to upload files to my printers, and my wife needing to upload papers for her PhD coursework – we don’t actually need the internet to survive! I know, shocking thought, right? I did just fine this weekend without Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, and Guild Wars 2. Instead we played board games (which we try to do several times a week anyways), we watched movies we already have, and we went to bed early. I even introduced my son to the Muppet Show again (I am sure he saw it when he was an infant, but now he can laugh at the jokes.)

In short, it was a good weekend. And absolutely NOTHING INTERESTING HAPPENED



I did return to my regularly scheduled story on Monday, writing offline this time. I thought I was going to be writing a jail break scene, but it seems that there was something else that had to be dealt with first. And somehow it took 1594 words to do it. Part of me really wishes that the 2508 words I wrote on Friday were actually part of this current story. (And not only because it would have possibly avoided the NOTHING INTERESTING of the weekend.) But I can definitely see the end of this tale, and my kids are begging me to pick up reading the middle for them again.

Maybe I won’t tell them that we have Netflix back. At least not for a while. Having a non interesting weekend might just be what everyone needs now and then.

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