Progress Report – 3/6

Today’s Word Count: 2423

Today’s Tea: Ice cold water – no tea (I planned to make tea. I did twitter instead.)

I spent the first hour of my writing time today helping out my friend Mab. You can see more about that issue in my other posts. I figured that I was too fired up and scattered to get any substantial writing done, so instead I fixed up the end of the last chapter and brainstormed a bit on what I still wanted to happen in this book. Then I realized I still had an hour and 15 minutes till I had to leave to pick up my son, and I might as well get something down on paper that might stick.

I started writing, and I was almost late to pick up my son because I did not want to stop till I reached the end of this section. I had expected the climax to come a few chapters later in the book, but surprise – it jumped out and made itself known at a much better place than what I had originally planned. The moment of confrontation needed to happen right now; and so it did. Even in the first draft, I found it to be a very powerful moment.

This leaves me with a small conundrum. I had planned for five other big things to happen before the end of the book, but I need to cut several of those. There is a momentum going now, and I fear that straying from that will ultimately weaken the entire story.  So instead of five chapters left to write, I have three. I have to massage some details to make everyone end up where I want them – the pirates have to end up with a better ship, and don’t turn out to be the bad guys after all. The Caddywhompus might get saved for a bigger role in a later story. And the spider folk fishers are now going to have to be knocked down to a very minor role.

But I think this is all ok. One of my biggest disappointments in many books I read is that the ending feels glossed over and rushed. I absolutely do not want to do that here, which is why I think I need to cut out the delays I had in the way of the final resolution. I had some fun stuff I wanted to hit, and maybe it will make it in again. But right now the story has legs, and I am going to let it run where it wants to go.


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