Progress Report – 3/9

Word Count: 2153

Tea of the Day: Dr Pepper

So again, I skip my morning tea to write. It felt too hot today for tea, at a balmy 27 degrees… Though relatively speaking, that is quite warm to some of the mornings we have had. The snow and ice is finally melting away, though my son’s preschool playground was still covered in snow much to his despair, and muddy foot prints on the kitchen floor finally seem to be here to stay.

The absurdity of daylight savings time is dragging me down still, and making me more sluggish than usual, so I opted for a cold glass of Dr. Pepper instead. I don’t do coffee. I used too, in college, about 3 pots a day. It was bad.

This morning when I started writing, I figured I had three chapters left to do. Now, after wrapping up for the day, I have about three chapters left to do 🙂 I shuffled some things around and figured out how to get the fight with the Caddywhompus back in the book without ruining the tension I had built up. I really want to get the first draft completed before I head to Lexington on Thursday night for the Comic Con. Which means I am going to need to get in some more writing tonight and tomorrow too.

I have been reading chapters each night to my kids as they fall asleep. I am writing about 8 chapters ahead of what I am reading to them. And while I know stuff will change  in the second draft, it is actually a useful exercise for me, as I get to be reminded what happened earlier in the story and needs to be addressed again before the end. We started to reach the scary part of the book last night, but did not quite get to it, because they fell asleep too soon. Strangely enough, both my children awoke with nightmares last night.

I am going to take this for now as a good sign. It means at least that they are listening and invested in the story 🙂

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