Progress Report – a Christmas tale, a card game, and goblins

fictionIt is Thursday once again, and due to all the stresses and projects in my life this week, I find that I don’t have anything profoundly witty to say. Probably because I just spent the past five hours writing like a mad man to finish up the short story I had been working on for the holidays.

I say short story, but I think it may technically be a novelette, since it clocks in at eleven-thousand words now. This is longer than I had originally intended, but a bit shorter than I eventually expected. I will have to go through it all again, once the headache subsides, and make sure that it flows and nothing was left out. I don’t normally write this much in one sitting, I have forgotten to eat lunch, and my brain is now fried.

It is a Gandersnitch story, as folks have asked for another one. And it is a Christmas story, of sorts. In that it happens on Christmas Eve and deals with family and how Gandersnitch met Santa Claus. It also has zombie elves, a dragon, a horribly abused manservant, and a trip to Valhalla. So there is that.

kslogo 1We are also running a kickstarter at the moment, how could you miss it, for the Hogswallow card game from the first Gandersnitch book. We hit 35% funded today, which keeps us in the category, statistically speaking, of gaming projects likely to succeed. We have gotten backers from all over the world and I am pretty psyched, but it is a LOT of work and stress

Speaking of holidays, it is my birthday on Sunday. I will spend the day in orientation for a seasonal retail job that I have picked up. Not because don’t have enough to do, but because we want to be sure our finances are ok for the first few months of the year until the spring festival season kicks back into gear. Not having a ren fest this fall was great for our family life, but not so stellar for our budgets. I haven’t worked retail in almost seven years and if nothing else, it puts some money in my bank account and some new characters in my stories.

babysFinally, in addition to the kickstarter, we will be launching a small project online in the next two weeks. I am shooting for being ready by Cyber-Monday, but we might not hit that goal. It depends on how the rest of next week goes. Since we are no longer manufacturing our stuffed goblin dolls, and people have asked for patterns, we will be offering a pattern booklet for the Baby Goblins as a digital pdf download very soon. It of course has the patterns you need to recreate a baby goblin in whatever fabric you wish, instructions, pictures, and maybe even a bit of story behind them. If this goes well, we will produce patterns for the full sized goblins next year.

Oh and if anyone wants to know what they can do for my birthday, all I ask is that you pay it forward. Do something nice for somebody this holiday season. Buy breakfast for the car behind you in the drive thru line (check and make sure it is not a minivan with a soccer team first though), make cookies and take them out to give to your neighbors, think twice before you post a meme on facebook, or maybe donate to a charity.

My favorite is always Plant-It 2020. It is part of a foundation started by John Denver and they plant trees, that wont be cut down, for about a dollar. Nobody can argue with that!

Have a great weekend. I will try and be witty again on Monday!

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