Progress Report and Royally Pissed Off!

mynameisToday’s Word Count: 2154

Today’s Tea: Mango Mate (no clue where it came from, it was in a plastic ziplock on the shelf)


I just posted yesterday about writing stuff, so today’s update will be short and sweet. I did not stop at 1500 words today, because I really wanted the chapter to end in a specific place, and I had not made it there yet. It took me a few more words to get there. I am not thrilled with the last line I wrote, but that is what second drafts are for. I am now officially in the end section of the book, just ahead of the climax, with approximately five or six more chapters to write.

I am pissed though – not about my writing, but with facebook. It seems that while my dear friend and creative partner in Goblin Talk, Mab Just Mab, was away performing in New Orleans this weekend, facebook deleted her account. They had made her change her name about two weeks ago, to comply with their stupid real name policy that I had thought they backed down on after the drag queen stink back in the fall. Evidently, they lied.

Mab is not a drag queen – but she is a performer, and anyone that knows her, knows her as Mab. She doesn’t use her given name for anything! I only even know it because she paid for a goblin doll by credit card one time that had her given name on it. If I send mail, it goes to Mab. She is protesting the cancellation of her account, but there is no guarantee they will reinstate it.

What pisses me off even more than Facebook lying about their easing of their name policy – is the fact that all of our messages back and forth via facebook have now been replaced with the following: This message is no longer available because it was identified as abusive or marked as spam.

That is years of communication that is suddenly wiped out. Ideas and instructions and scheduling and whatnot, that neither of us can access anymore, due to some idiotic policy that does nothing to protect anybody. So yeah, I am pissed. I am also very glad that I decided to move my postings over to this page instead. I don’t think there is a good replacement for Facebook yet, but I have now learned that I need to stop relying on it for private conversations and planning. It can no longer be my default mode of online communication.

I guess I am going to have to get good at email again. Also going to look into the best way to protest this idiocy. (It seems that twitter is the way to complain. Isn’t that irony. )

Oh yeah – the tea was nasty. I had to pour it out after only half a cup.

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