Progress Report: updates on just about everything!

fictionI don’t have any earth shattering news today, but I do have so many different irons in the fire that I figured I should take a moment to touch on most of them. Now that the kids are back in school (and there have been no more issues) and the house is silent, I have finally hit my stride again and can buckle down to knock some projects out. Sometimes, as it did yesterday, that means writing non-stop for 6 hours and forgetting to pause for lunch. That cannot be my schedule all the time, but it was what I needed to do, and it catapulted me forward and got me running again. Running on what?


  • The Roanoke Sessions – This is my bi-weekly serial fiction story that I post for free here on my blog. It is slightly dark, witty, and strange. Those that have read it, and commented to me, tell me that they are enjoying it. It is a departure from what I normally do, as it dips into horror themes as opposed to comedy, but I also get to stretch my creative muscles without a focus on making something marketable. So far I have published 4 episodes and introduced most of the main players. There are two more episodes to go in part 1, and then I think I will bundle it up in ebook form and put it up on amazon. I know some folks find it difficult to read on the web, so maybe that will help. I am going to keep writing this story, because I like where it is going, and I will continue to post it here, so feel free to jump in at any time and enjoy.


  • Persnickety Jones and the Pirates of Undertoe – This is a book I have written for middle grade readers (ages 8 to 13) and I just completed the second draft and have turned it over to beta readers for feedback. I am super excited about it, because I know my own kids loved the story when I read it to them in first draft form, and I am actually enjoying writing for this age range. Whereas Gandersnitch is bitter and cynical, I get to explore things for kids with a bit more innocence and wonder. Though it is still scary in parts, and gets slightly dark in the middle. This book I will be shopping to publishers, because I think someone with experience with kids books will have a better chance at getting it in front of readers. I am open to a few more beta readers, so if you are interested in giving good feedback then please let me know.


  • Gandersnitch the Goblin- A lot of folks have asked when Goblin Talk is coming back, and Mab and I are tossing ideas around for it. Goblin Talk is an insane amount of work for a short podcast, and scheduling is challenging at the best of times. But we have some die hard fans, and we want to get something moving again to make them happy. Gandersnitch does have four local Ohio appearances coming up in the next two months and I would love for folks to stop by and say Hi. They are:

Sept 13th @ The Ohio Ren Festival (not selling product, but happy to sign stuff!)
Sept 18th – 19th @ Cincinnati Comic Expo  (books, cds, & posters for sale!)
Oct 16th – 18th @ Con on the Cob (books, cds, & posters! Plus tea party, and gaming sessions!)
Oct 31st – Nov 1st @ Odd Mall (all the things!)

  • Hogswallow – The Trollish card game of myth and storytelling. This project is done! The problem is that it is done but not released. We are still trying to figure out if a kickstarter is the way to go, or if we should just print a few decks at a time and sell them as a special and rare Gandersnitch offering. Regardless, the folks who have played the game have enjoyed it, and we need to get it out to the masses soon.


  • Lastly, my already published books. These are doing great at our events, but online sales are rather slow. Part of the reason why, I have discovered, is that amazon will not show/promote a book until it has at least 25 reviews. Currently, the Gandersnitch book sits just shy of that number at 22. Our awesome coloring book languishes at 6 reviews, and my poetry book has no reviews. Now, I only printed 25 copies of the poetry book as a small project for myself, and I sold them all, but I do not expect this one to move as well as the other two. That said, we need your help getting the coloring book and the Gandersnitch book to 25 reviews. If you have read them, whether or not you purchased them on amazon, please go to my amazon author page, click the book you have read, and leave a review. I know it takes a few minutes and some thought on your part, but these really do help more than I ever understood. Without reviews, we will not get new online readers. Thank you!

I am sure I missed something, but that is all for now. Enjoy your day! May it be productive, entertaining, and at least little bit strange!

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