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fictionSo far today I packed my clothes for the weekend, drove 2.5 hours to the North, set up my table at Con on the Cob, had dinner with Santa Claus and played two new games. Tomorrow I will be selling books all day, then previewing my Hogswallow card game and hosting my newly invented role-playing game “Are You Mental?” as Gandersnitch the Goblin. I apologize for the delay in posting today, but I still technically made it with about ten min to spare.


I also learned something very exciting this week. They are still making Choose Your Own Adventure books, a staple of my childhood that I would love to snag for my daughter to read. And hey, now I can!

Which brings me, strangely enough, to the business at hand.

First, in case you do not follow Gandersnitch or Goblin Talk on facebook, which you totally should, we will return to the airwaves on November 3rd. Both Gandersnitch and Wedji have decided to run for president (technically, Wedji says she is just walking), so things should get interesting very very soon. I am also planning another new project with Gandersnitch, once we figure out the tech for it, and hope to be able to announce that soon. Gandersnitch will be back on Monday for a wrap up report on the convention, So far, it looks like it is going to be a blast!

Next, I am changing up the fiction writing on this blog. I know that I have about nineteen readers who have been following “The Roanoke Session” stories so far, and I thank you all profusely for that. Now that we have reached the end of what I consider part one, I have decided that this story is better served as a complete narrative, polished and ready to read in one book. Having it as a bi-weekly serial has been fun and challenging, and I promise you that I will not simply let this story fade away into oblivion, but I have to take a step back and try to engage my entire audience in a more active fashion. This is also why I made the decision to pull the patreon page only four days after launching it. I did not want to wind up taking away something that folks had pledged tips for. That would just be rude on my part.

So I have instead, a new writing experiment to try. Most of my fans seem to respond best to my satirical comedy, and lot of people have discovered me through Gandersnitch the Goblin. In a similar vein, though not with the character of Gandersnitch or in his world, I will be starting up a comedic fantasy series instead. It will have it’s own website (which is currently being built) and there are some things to do before I kick off the story, such as figure out how to have polls in place and get the graphics and images in order.

And now the tie in I mentioned above to my childhood love of the choose your own adventure books – this story will be heavily influenced by the decisions of the readers! Each episode, which will be shorter than the Roanoke ones, will end with an uncertainty to be solved, so a poll will be posted and the readers will vote on what path is taken. Then I will write the next part of the story based on that choice, move the action on from there, and eventually provide the readers with another vote. This is not going to be the easiest experiment I have tried, and I am placing a lot of faith on the hope that I will have readers willing to engage and vote in a timely fashion (or just a handful of folks who basically get to control the narrative if only a few folks bother to vote), but I am really excited about it, and I think it is going to be a lot of fun!

So thank you for sticking with my work thus far, and please stay tuned for the next iteration! I promise to get it up and rolling very soon!



2 comments for “Random Thursday Things

  1. October 16, 2015 at 1:15 am

    Mmm, sounds fun! Short is good. Keep us informed. I’m all about poking and prodding you down different dark paths of adventure. I remember those choose your own adventure books from when I was a kid too, though that would have been your middle age ;).

  2. October 19, 2015 at 3:46 pm

    I think that a series of “choose your own adventure” books featuring Gandersnitch the Goblin would probably be far too much fun to be legal, or ethical! Given your fertile mind it would allow you to put in numerous outcomes for various adventurings…each one sillier than the next. You would have to choose whether these are slightly inappropriate for kids, totally inappropriate for kids or (perhaps a separate series) completely appropriate for kids. I prefer the flip a page version but it could be fun to have a downloadable/web-based choose your adventure with you doing the voice. This is all aside from the other artistic projects you have…just adding fuel to your fire. Ouch! Just got burned there.

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