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Not as fun as she makes it look, but still she faces her life with a smile.

I was actually almost done with another post for today, but as is so often the case, life hands me something else to write about.

I know that I have mentioned my friend Ashley before. She is a young lady in college who has a really crappy genetic degenerative disease called Cystic Fibrosis. She has had it her entire life, it is genetic (which means she could not have avoided it), she will have it for her entire life (unless a cure is found), and it gets worse the older she gets. It also means constant (as in multiple times a day) treatments just to survive.

From the moment I met her, I was always amazed at how positive of an attitude she and her family manage to maintain, and how she insists on living as normal a life as possible. I tend to crawl into bed and hide when I get to feeling really bad. Ashley doesn’t do that. I cannot even imagine what a bad day for her must be like, but she gets up, goes to school, and faces each day with a strength and dignity that so few people manage to project.

There are so many folks, just like Ashley, fighting for every single day, and maybe even wishing for just one day of a normal life that the rest of us take for granted. There are so many folks out there, like Ashley and her family, who possess more strength than I can ever imagine. It isn’t fair, but it is their life, and they keep going. They live their days to the fullest. They don’t let the unfairness of the situation bring them down.


Ashley and her family, the Ravenwolves

Well, I found out today that Ashley is in the hospital again, which is a regular thing for her disease. But this time things are not going as well as could be hoped. She is in a lot of pain, her family is stressed and worried, and there are communication frustrations with the medical staff. They could all use some positive thoughts, well wishes, and maybe even a reason to smile.

So today, I am asking for a favor. I am not going to post her room number to send flowers or a card, not unless her family tells me to do so. I actually don’t know if flowers are even allowed. I am however going to post two organizations that I know have helped Ashley and her family, and continue to help people in the same situations.

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation –
The Make a Wish Foundation –

If you have the ability, please consider donating to one or both of them to support the work they do. Follow the links and take the time to learn about this disease and what you can do to help. If you have twitter, please send a message of good tidings to Ashley and her family with the hashtags #clanravenwolves and #CFSucks.


And even if you cant do any of that, please take a moment of your day to do something kind for someone else. You never really know what sort of battles they are waging. A kind word and a smile always makes a difference. Thank you.

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