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Hogswallow, Day 1 – Blastoff!

kslogo 1I had honestly forgotten how exciting and stressful this is, day one of a brand new kickstarter. I have shared the link with over twenty different groups, and posted on all my pages, and still I know that only about 10% of my friends will even see it. That is just the way kickstarter works.

This is our third kickstarter project, with the other two being quite successful, but it is our first gaming one and I am going to be trying some new things this time around. For starters, I have sent demo decks to two geeky podcast friends who are going to play the game and help promote it. I also have a plan for how I am going to do the day to day promotion, since just sharing the link every day doesn’t work well. It annoys people. So instead, I am going the play the game, albeit very slowly. One card a day.

Hopefully, everyone here has already seen the link on facebook and has shared it on their own wall. If not, here is the link again:
Hogswallow: a card game of mythic storytelling

Please, help me get the word out. Plant the seeds of imagination and watch them grow!

Thank you.