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Company of Fools (but I like them!)

Hello all! I haven’t had much time to write in the past two… well, really since Thanksgiving. Today is no different. But I have been interviewed by the Geek Watch One podcast, and Dice Squad did a nice promo video for me as well. Both are very funny, both are run by swell people, and…

Gandersnitch Goes to the Ren Fest!

gsnitchHello lemmings!

There was supposed to be a story today, but I mucked that all up by taking a visit back in time! Or forward in time… Or… Crap! I don’t know. Those stinky TARDIS boxes are dangerous!

Anyways, I spent yesterday at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, making new friends, bothering old enemies, hunting for mermaids, riding the rides, being tempted by all the wonderful wares and foods, and ultimately having a great time. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself in my short documentary video of my day. Enjoy! -G

P.S. I am supposed to assure you that the story will be posted on Thursday this week instead. It is done, it just needs some editing and stuff.