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On the Mend, but not Up to Snuff…

So I have been sick for almost two weeks now. Sicker than I can remember being in a really long time. Fever, chills, antibiotics, coughing, and snot. So much snot! It is a horrible feeling to suddenly realize that you are actually choking on snot and you have to get it out somehow if you…

STAR WARS!!! – Random Musings part 2

yodakidYou know what, ignore the article I wrote earlier today. It is not bad, it might even be interesting to a few folks. But honestly, I wrote it because I need to stick to my schedule and I spent all day yesterday dealing with sick dogs and a sick kid and did not prepare a topic in advance. I wrote it because I had to write something. But that was before I saw this!

Sure we don’t live in a perfect world. It is a lot scarier out there today than when I was a kid. But at least we live in a time and a place where I can see some of the best parts of my own childhood re-lived though the smiles and imagination of my kids.

We have Star Wars, and some days that is more than enough.