The Goblin Guy’s Marvelous Menagerie – 7/8/15

meangerieIn addition to posting fiction every other Monday, I have decided to set a schedule and post to this blog three times a week. Mondays will be the a fore mentioned fiction (alternating with Gandersnitch Rants) and Friday’s will be an insight to how I work (or don’t work as the case may sometimes be.)

Which leaves today, Wednesday. Now, you are reading this blog because you have met Gandersnitch the Goblin, have read my books, or have met me or one of my awesome friends. Clearly you want to know more about what it is I do, and what sorts of things I like, and I am going to tell you! On Wednesdays, I am going to post about people and things that I find interesting or worthy of attention.

So here goes – The Goblin Guy’s Marvelous Menagerie!

IMG_20150707_175426556_HDRFirst up, I like games; Card games, board games, role playing games, and even the occasional video game. Wait, let me rephrase that. I love games! I have enjoyed playing games as far back as I can recall. And one thing that goes hand in hand with many games, are miniatures.

I recall the first time I discovered miniatures, not the doll house kind, but the tiny metal or plastic people you can paint as visual aids for many popular role-playing games. It was the summer between 6th and 7th grade, and I was staying back at my best friend’s house for a few weeks, after having moved away to a new state half way through the school year. His brother was home from college and was running a D&D game. He took us to the game store to pick out figures to be our characters. The choices were overwhelming and I was instantly hooked!

This was in the 80s, and a few years later games like Hero Quest came out, full of plastic miniatures. They were perfectly playable unpainted. But that was not good enough for me, so I set to work painting them (some with q-tips and testors oil paints). Granted, I don’t know that I ever actually finished any of them, which considering my skill at the time, was probably a good thing.

Fast forward to yesterday, and the thing I want to tell you about. Reaper Bones! They just launched their third kickstarter for their new-ish line of flexible plastic gaming miniatures. The thing I really like about these figures is that they are easy to paint and don’t need any priming, they are re-poseable with boiling hot water, and they can take a beating. I backed the first two kick-starters and now have many more miniatures that I can possibly paint, but I am still considering backing this one too.

If you are into gaming, and you want some good quality minis that won’t break the back, I highly suggest you check them out. Already they have blown way past their starting goal and are adding new things every few hours.

oithOn a slightly related note, because I met him at Origins Game Fair this past year, is a really awesome artist, creator, and game designer, Andy Hopp. (

I had heard his name floated in my circles before, mostly as in “Go do this guy’s show!”, but had never actually met the man. I did not realize he was an artist as well as a event producer. I meet LOTS of artists at the shows I do, and while I find most of them to be incredibly talented, we have a standing rule in our house that we don’t buy any more art till the prints we have already purchased are framed and hanging up. I have been doing art shows for a long time, and it takes something really unique to make me stop and spend time checking out another booth.

But holy crap is Andy’s work something unique! For starters, it is just plain WEIRD! He creates paintings of twinkie-warriors, and mushroom men, and all sorts of irreverent aliens, slugs, bugs, goblinoids, etc. But this is not some crappy knock off deviant art amateur hour, this is actual fine art from a man with a really twisted mind. And not only does he do the illustration, but he also has cool miniatures made of his creations. And card games. And an entire RPG world book (or two).cotclogo

Now, my current gaming group would not be the sort to latch on to Andy’s Low Life RPG – but I totally loved perusing the books and pondering the stories that could be told in his realm. Seriously, this stuff is right up my alley. I love the way this guy thinks, and the strange festering places his humor pops up from. Everything he does is silly – but it is silly done with exquisite professionalism. I did pick up two of his card games, G’Zoink and Dementalism, and my family has loved playing them both.

So, if you are looking to get lost down a rabbit hole of weird, random, awesomeness – wander into Andy Hopp’s world for a while. I promise you that you will not be disappointed.


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