What I Do

Publicity Blurb:

377006_10150487697282318_1931849116_nGandersnitch the Goblin, the Banished Barber of Goblonia, has been noted by some to be the 9th wonder of the world. The nose tends to do that for people.

Since 2009, this stylish hobgoblin has been found at faires and festivals across the country, from Oregon to New York to Kentucky and many points between. He entertains the masses with his unique brand of goblin humor and questionable antics and has told tales for children, spun poetry for adults, hosted unfortunate tea parties, and flirted shamelessly with girls from Romania (which is evidently right next to his home country of Goblonia.)

A natural fit for Renaissance and Faerie Festivals, in 2012 he also discovered the steampunk scene and quickly established himself as a pillar of impropriety among the ranks of tiny top hats, corsets, and kilts. A year later, the more mainstream comic book, geek, and gaming conventions followed, proving a perfect place to blend in like a sore thumb among all the other weirdos. In recent years he has peddled his Snake Oil Comedy Show, hosted his Bloody Brilliant Talk Show, conducted for the prestigious Goblonian National Volunteer Orchestra, and even been coaxed into the occasional Goblin Burlesque.

He has also authored and produced multiple books and an audiobook, co-hosted the Goblin Talk podcast, created “The Wÿrld Today” video podcast, been kicked out of a major retail chain for looking strange and suspicious, and has been awarded such honors as “The Most Off the Cob Attendee” and is now a possible winner of the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes!

You can find out more about Gandersnitch the Goblin and his creator at: thegoblinguy.com

For Event Producers:

I am an experienced, professional, & venue adaptable immersive character performer.

batman and gandersnitchThis means that my act adapts depending on the needs of the event and the audience. For instance, at Faerie Festivals, I am often seen as a children’s performer. I host goblin tea parties, play elf chess, and engage the patrons in an experience that adds to the magic and wonder of the event.

At burlesque shows, voodoo carnivals, and other late night venues, I am considered an adult performer. I remain in character to provide a unique comedy experience and entertain the audience with MC duties, absurdist comedy vignettes, comedy snake oil shows, The Bloody Brilliant Show with Gandersnitch the Goblin, and Goblin Burlesque.

At conventions and Steampunk events, I embrace a blend of both avenues, providing the immersive character experience, comedy performance for the adults, daytime tea parties and evening storytelling for the children, book signings as an author, and expert opinions and advice as a panelist.

Regardless of the venue, I remain completely in character at all times while within the public view and in costume and makeup. Gandersnitch the Goblin is my most well-known character, though I also play Jesse Due (a shape-changing Appalachian storyteller) nd Rip Van Winkle upon request, and assume my own author and panelist persona for the final days of most three day indoor events.

I bring with me to events an array of suitable swag, from patches and pins to copies of my books, audiobook, and card games. I also run a Goblin Post Office at suitable events, providing yet another fun experience and unique souvenir for patrons on a budget.

 cropped-kicksytarter1.jpgScheduled Performance Options (character interaction is always provided)

* Goblin Tea

* Elf Chess (when appearing with other elf chess capable street cast)

* Appalachian Animal Tales

* Absurdest Comedy Vignettes (including: The Bow, Goblonian National Volunteer Orchestra, Goblin Burlesque, and other 3 to 5 minute bits)

* The Comedy Snake Oil Show (a 30-minute audience participation stage show)

* The Bloody Brilliant Show with Gandersnitch the Goblin – A stand alone evening comedy variety show for adults only. Inspired by a blend of daytime and late night talk shows, game shows, and infomercials as reinterpreted through the deranged mind of a professional goblin.

Panelist Topics/Workshops

* Beyond Cosplay: Creating and Living an Original Character

* Self Publishing

* Poetry or Readings (including dirty limericks by request)

* Q&A about performing, writing, and/or my characters

* Kickstarter Fundraising

* And others as requested

Past Appearances

  • New York Faerie Festival – Ouaquaga, NY
  • World Of Faeries Festival – Elgin, Il
  • Faerieworlds – Eugene, OR
  • Spoutwood Farms May Day Faerie Festival – Glen Rock,PA
  • Maryland Faerie Festival – Darlington, MD
  • Voodoo Carnival – Newport, KY
  • Steampunk Symposium – Cincinnati, OH
  • Midsummer Masquerade – Loveland, OH
  • Circle City Aerodrome Immersion Weekend – Indianapolis, IL
  • Faeriecon – Baltimore, MD
  • Festival of Legends – Chapel Hill, NC
  • Con on the Cob – Akron, Ohio
  • Oddmall – Akron, Ohio
  • Cincinnati Comic Expo – Cincinnati, OH
  • Origins Game Fair – Columbus, OH
  • Gencon – Indianapolis, IN
  • Lexington Toy & Comic Con – Lexington, KY
  • Derby City Comic Con – Louisville, KY
  • Vandalia-Con – Parkersburg, WV